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Historical Restoration

We now have a 3 year plan to replant the gardens on the Manitou Ave. side of the church.  The church extends a HUGE thank you to Barb Colvin for developing the plan, assisting us in obtaining all the plants at a major discount, and lending us her expertise and energy on the first planting party.  We now have replaced the trees lost in the construction, but used care in the selection and placement so that we won't have to worry about future growth as with the old pine trees.  We have new shrubs, bushes, and roses to lend beauty and fragrance to the garden.  As the season progresses, we will be adding the perrenial plant beds, splitting various types of irises for planting, and do a bulb planting in the late fall.  Care was given in the entire plan to select water-wise plants to conserve our natural resources.  We also hope to have to the raised beds completed in 2016 and ready for use in the spring of 2017.

We will continue to add ormental grasses, shrubs, ground covers, and other perrenial plants over the next two years to both the Manitou and Canon Ave. gardens.  We also have plans for a "prayer labyrinth" in the Canon Ave garden, and will continue to explore with the Manitou Arts Council placing one or two sculptures in the Manitou Ave garden.