St. Andrews Gospel in Action

Are your tired of attending a church that speaks of God's love, but doesn't "walk the walk"?  St. Andrews church is refreshingly different.  Throughout the year, we have active ministries that address the needs of our area's poor, senior citizens, and homeless.  We take seriously our commission of "that which you have done for the least of these, you have done for Me".  God has given us the gift we can never repay in our redemption through Jesus Christ in addition to many other daily blessings in our lives.  The works that we do through St. Andrews are in no way trying to earn the grace given to us freely by God, but rather to honor God and spread the Good News that we have received.

Community Meal

Each Sunday, our congregation brings food "pot luck" style to share a meal and fellowship after services.  We open the meal to any in the community who is in need.  We welcome you and will visit with you and make you feel loved.

The Lord’s Dinner

St. Andrew's has a long history with the Lord's Dinner as it actually started at our church many years ago when Fr. Scott Franz was the priest. At that time, St. Andrew's ran the entire program with our congregation. However, the program outgrew our little church and moved to Sacred Heart Catholic church on Colorado Ave about 18 years ago. Now the program has evolved so that it is a collaborative effort between dozens of churches that each sponsor a dinner a certain number of times per year. St. Andrew's takes its turn four times per year in the rotation.  If you are interested in helping to cook, serve, clean up, or simply donate money to purchase supplies, contact the church office at 685-9259. St. Andrew's is very excited to be a part of this ministry again!

Golden Circle

In Manitou Springs, there is no senior center for area seniors to gather for socialization. This leaves them at risk of isolation common to many seniors in our country. St. Andrew’s is the site host for the Golden Circle Senior Lunch Program held daily Monday thru Friday at 11:45 AM. in the fellowship hall (downstairs). Not only can seniors get a nutritious meal, but they can also have a place to catch up with friends. To further help Manitou seniors, St. Andrews often arranges for visiting nurses to give flu shots and perform foot clinics in conjunction with the lunch program. Often there is live musical entertainment, and sometimes a church member will offer movies. When an instructor is available, there have also been exercise classes held in conjunction with the lunch program. For Information Contact Taresa at 719-685-9259. 

Care and Share

We are now a distribution site for Care and Share for Manitou Springs residents.  This program in held in conjunction the the Wednesday community lunch.  This way our seniors and people in need can get fed a nutritious lunch and take home some additional groceries from Care and Share.

Red Wagon Program

The Little RED Wagon program was the brain child of Reverend Sally Munroe and Deacon Frances Mutolo. Every Thursday, the Red Wagon Sally and Frances would take the wagon around to area merchants to collect non-perishable food items for distribution to needy individuals through West Side Cares. In addition, it gave Sally and Frances a chance to visit with locals, share new things that are happening at St. Andrew’s, and often pray with people who have a need. Sally and Frances were accompanied by their beloved canines, Oliver and BeBe who were as popular (if not more so) than their humans. Sometimes merchants wouldn't have food items, but wanted to give a monetary donation to West Side Cares. For this, Oliver would do a trick for the merchant before they tuck their donation into his “saddle bags”. The Red Wagon program is currently on hold and is being reorganized a bit so we can set up some regular helpers each week to pull the wagon.  Rev. Susie sees this as such an important ministry and it will resume as soon.

Episcopal Church Women (ECW)

St. Andrew’s ECW is active in providing donations to many area charitable organizations. The money for these donations is obtained by working at the Thrift House on 1027 South Tejon. Volunteers work at the Thrift House gently used, re-saleable items. Their hours are recorded and quarterly St. Andrew’s is sent a check for those hours worked. That money is then distributed based on the wishes of the St. Andrew’s ECW.  St. Andrew’s has supported many worthy organizations such as West Side Cares, Mission Medical Clinic, TLC Pharmacy, Mercy Today, and the Good Samaritan Orphanage in Tanzania. Funds from this program also go to purchase gifts and provide the holiday meal for the Christmas families adopted each year through West Side Cares. If you are interested in volunteering at the Thrift House on our scheduled days, contact Christine Nestlerode at 685-9259.